Advantages of SGF Center bearing


Permits compliance with constructional stipulations due to exact positioning of cardan shaft in bodywork

»Reduced wear due to compensation of displacements in drive train, e.g. during start-up and braking procedures
»Timely manufacture and delivery due to high application and manufacturing competence (millions installed worldwide)



Ensures exact positioning of cardan shaft to bodywork, to comply with constructional cardan shaft configuration

»Guarantees mobility of cardan shaft in axial direction, as compensation for displacements in drive train

»Compensates for displacement due to component and mounting tolerances

Thereby avoids “audible and perceptible humming” from low-frequency vibrations
(e.g. due to buckling of cardan shaft on start-up, or sudden load changes)

»Fine tuning to customer requests possible at any time without change in design

»Configuration to special customer requests possible at any time (e.g. patented centre bearing for cardan shaft with ball-spline mid unit)

»High temperature resistance according to customer requirements



Permits an elastic mounting excellently tuneable in its characteristic values, due to use
of different elastomers and construction variants

»Design as soft, elastic mounting in radial direction, to avoid transmission of vibration to bodywork

»Thereby avoids noises from higher-frequency vibrations with small amplitudes
(from shaft imbalances, cardan joint kinematics, bend resonance frequencies)

Design as stiff, elastic mounting in radial direction to avoid large amplitudes

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