SGF suspensions are heavy-duty components which, due to their design as a cord-rubber compound (Tenpu® fiber technology), achieve a considerably higher loading capacity than pure rubber parts. Since the forces which arise are transmitted through the interior cord inlay and not through the rubber, SGF suspensions can also be built very light and with minimum space requirements.



High temperature resistance

»Excellent lifetime and low settlement due to use of Tenpu® cord technology
»High loss security due to high breaking load
»Constant positioning precision, e.g. due to high lateral guide stiffness



Low dynamic stiffness in vertical direction for best acoustics

High static stiffness in lateral direction for guidance of exhaust system

High breaking load

Very low weight

Small installation space

Very long lifetime (fatigue endurable in relation to vehicle lifetime)

» High temperature resistance

Functions of Components


Cord inlay ensures high stiffness in lateral direction, long life, high breaking load.

»Elastomer takes over acoustic decoupling by means of low dynamic stiffness
in vertical direction.

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