Advantages of SGF Tube-in-Tube for steering system


High steering convenience realisable due to very good decoupling performance in all directions

»Simplified logistics due to reduced number of components
»Smaller diameter compared to flexible coupling
»Maintenance-free for life; protection of downstream components due to limitation of torque peaks



Installed in combination with a cardan joint, no limitation with steering spindle running

Reduces and isolates vibrations and structure-borne noise over a wide range due to the
interruption of the noise paths in the drive train.

»Compensates for axial displacements (to approx. 1 mm) and mounting tolerances

Fine tuning to customer requests possible at any time without change in design

»Minimises wear of adjacent components by elimination of torque peaks.

»Maintenance-free for lifetime of vehicle



The special configuration of rubber elements in the component produces special characteristics.

»Strong radial pretensioning shifts the load area completely into the
pressure area. => LD-enhancement

»The pressure-based design means that, in contrast to a thrust-based
design, the axial decoupling capacity is increased by a factor of 3.

Load-dependent cross-section surface (small with zero crossing, high with increased loads) solves goal conflict of decoupling and lifetime.

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