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August 2016

SGF celebrates its 70th anniversary and inauguration of its new SGF 2020 development project

On June 3, 2016, we celebrated our "70-Year Success Story". It all began in 1946 in a cowshed in Pürten, Germany, where the first production run commenced in the simplest of circumstances. Founders Gerhard Zeidler and Hanns Willy Schmidt laid the groundwork for everything that was to come. Today, SGF is a major technological and innovative company in the automobile and industrial sectors in Mühldorf.

With this in mind, we also celebrated the merger of our facilities and expansion of the existing facility in Waldkraiburg. The new building with an integrated, modern logistics center fulfills all the requirements for Industry 4.0, and represents the largest investment to date in the history of the company. The newly built, fully automatic high bay warehouse is the heart and soul of the new facility.

With this historic milestone for SGF, we look forward expectantly to the future and hope that the pioneering spirit of its founders continues as a tangible force in the company.

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