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December 2014

SGF always on the ball in product development – SGF presents new NYRUB AX axial support

The latest development from SGF securely connects components while simultaneously allowing movement in all directions.

  • > NYRUB AX connects components with no play
  • > Allows for tolerance compensation
  • > Compensates for reactive forces
  • > Eliminates shocks
  • > Avoids damage to bearings
  • > Isolates harmful vibrations
  • > Acts to dampen noise thanks to the insulating effect of the elastomer thread composite


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NYRUB AX has been conceived for transmitting axial forces and simultaneously allows for the compensation of reactive forces in all directions of movement. Thanks to the elastomer thread technology, NYRUB AX has a high power density and transmits large forces securely and free of play. The low transverse and deflection stiffness of the components compensates for reactive forces and reduces the need for maintenance. They improve the noise level and vibration behavior of your installation thanks to the insulating effect of the elastomer thread composite.

Several options are available for making the connection, such as clamping hubs, male/female screw threads and bayonets.

Depending on installation size, axial loads of 800 to 20,000 N can be transmitted continuously while compensating for axial and angular offsets.

NYRUB AX is suitable for use in mechanical and plant engineering applications, as well as in the automotive and marine sectors.

NYRUB AX — made in Germany by SGF

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