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February 2014

Easy-to-use, professional SGF online shop now set to go live

A modern look – the online resource to quickly and easily buy flexible couplings in a perfect fit to meet any requirements

Among the world's best for automotive and industrial applications:

the SGF flexible coupling, also often called the 'Hardy coupling'.

We are entirely justified in calling ourselves the inventors of modern flexible couplings.

Our new, easy-to-use SGF online shop is set to go live in February 2014; it comes with a modern look and updated images alongside extensive technical descriptions.

Companies and consumers, at home or on the road, can use their PCs or tablets to order precisely the products they need to meet any requirements in torque transmission.

Taking the reins of the online shop, we are now in a position to offer customers consulting and sales for our products to deliver enhanced services at favourable prices.

Six decades of know-how paired with the powerful innovative force behind SGF flow into our flexible couplings and make them synonymous with efficiency, comfort and safety throughout the world.

We make drive systems comfortable and reliable.

We look forward to your visit to our new online shop!

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