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August 2017

Groundbreaking Ceremony. Launch event for the construction of SGF (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

In accordance with Thai tradition, the celebratory Groundbreaking Ceremony took place on August 9, 2017.

With the support of our Thai consultancy firm, Sanet, and our general contractor, the company Densri39, all of the preparations were made to turn this celebration into a successful launch of our construction plans.

As a European, you don't often have the opportunity to take part in traditional Asian ceremonies. That's why the Managing Directors, Michael Weikert and Robert Hapfelmeier, felt so honored to be able to witness the groundbreaking ceremony with a blessing from Buddhist monks. The offerings to represent gold, silver, and bronze were buried alongside flowers and coins and sealed in concrete, as tradition dictates.

This celebration marked the beginning of the construction work on SGF (Thailand) Co. Ltd.


From left to right:  Employees of the company DENSRI39, Mr. T Sangkhavasi, Mr. Supaphong Sangkhavasi, Mr. Sompong Sirioad, Ms. Rungruethai Kittipinyochai, Mr. Robert Hapfelmeier, Mr. Michael Weikert, Ms. Chulalux Chinwong, Dr. Gunter Denk, Mr. James Vorapurkpisuth, Mr. Mike Griffis, Ms. M. Haeusler, Dr. Martin Roessing



The two Managing Directors, Robert Hapfelmeier and Michael Weikert, at the blessing of the offerings.

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