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January 2016

SGF – Recruiting Fair Tour 2016

Once again, we want to launch a major advertising campaign, so we will be participating in a number of selected fairs and conferences in the region. We want to show the flag as an attractive employer in the region, increase our recognition and awaken interest among professionals, graduates, college and school students.
Here is an overview of the planned recruiting fairs.

17.03.2016                          VDI Recruiting Tag, MOC in München

13.04.2016                          Studentische Karrierebörse (SKB), Hochschule Landshut 

15. – 16.04.2016                 Bildungsmesse Inn-Salzach, Messegelände Burghausen 

28.04.2016                          Girls‘Day, SGF Waldkraiburg 

02. – 03.11.2016                 Hochschulkontaktmesse (HOKO), Hochschule München  


We are looking forward to interested visitors and many applications!

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