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July 2013

Bavaria and Thuringia under water - SGF helps!

SGF and employees donate €12,000 for flood victims

Strongly concerned was SGF on the basis of the haunting television images, widely flooded areas, roof ridges that protruded from the floods, washed away cars and desperate, weeping victims. Immediately, a call for donations was written to the  employees with the request by the Executive Board at SGF. As with the tsunami disaster in Thailand 2005 undertook SGF to double the staff donations and to round up.

6,000 Euros were donated by the SGF employees within just 2 weeks. So the total sum came up to 12,000 euros. 6,000 Euros went to the flood relief Passau, 3,000 euros to a non-profit sheltered handicapped workshop in Thuringia and 3,000 euro were transferred by the employees directly to charitable organizations.

Parallel a staff initiative helped a restaurant in the flood area of Deggendorf with food donations. A restaurant supplied the volunteers in a 24 hour cycle with warm food.

A big thank you to all SGF employees and Senior Management, who impressively demonstrated team spirit, generous helpfulness and reliability.

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