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June 2014


1994 – a milestone in the company history of the Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG:

On 1 May 1994 the SGF production site in Waltershausen is founded. That provides the SGF parent company in the upper Bavarian town of Waldkraiburg with trans-regional reinforcement from Thuringia.

The initial focus was on supporting the business economy of Thuringia. Now twenty years later, the region is inconceivable without "SGF Waltershausen." The new plant was built in the year 2000 on an out-of-town, previously undeveloped site and took on new products step by step, including the necessary production facilities. Today the plant produces and delivers exhaust-gas system suspensions and center bearings in-house. In 2014 the most modern and newly developed exhaust-gas system suspensions in Waltershausen go into operation – we’re on the right track for the future!

Right from the start, training has been a top priority at SGF in Waltershausen. SGF is a training plant recognized by the Allgemeiner Arbeitgeberverband Nordostchemie e.V. (General Employers' Association North East Chemicals) and can proudly claim that it trains its skilled workforce itself and furthers their qualifications. High staff loyalty and low staff turnover confirm the company philosophy practiced in keeping with the motto: "We live according to appreciation, trust and tolerance".

SGF in Waltershausen has in the meantime become an integral part of the SGF family.
SGF's Mission Statement: "We make drive systems comfortable and reliable," applies regionally – nationally and internationally –today and tomorrow.

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