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March 2014

SGF Employee Survey 2013: Record participation – scores significantly higher than for the industry as a whole!

SGF conducted its cyclic, biannual employee survey in the fall of 2013.

In addition to employee satisfaction in the strict sense, the questions concerned a number of important aspects of day-to-day work; the catalogue of subjects encompassed activity, remuneration, social benefits, work time and environment, the direct superior, colleagues, processes and structures, employee suggestion program, information and communication, opportunities for further training and personal development, loyalty to the company, visions/goals/strategies, management, mission statement, corporate culture and change management.

The most important results in summary:

• At 71%, the rate of participation was at a new record high, also compared with other manufacturing companies from the clientele of our external project partners.

• At 2.10 in the grading system (1 to 6), overall satisfaction has benchmark standard.

• More than 800 comments, evaluations and proposals for improvement were submitted.

The high rate of participation is an expression of the great interest employees take in SGF, its willingness to deal constructively with given situations and to help shape the future within a spirit of continuous improvement. The high approval ratings for company loyalty serve as confirmation.

The management sees the variety of positive results as an endorsement for its corporate leadership. SGF is well-appointed to face the future and can – as underlined in these results – categorize itself as an attractive employer in the region.

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