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May 2014

SGF introduces a new elastic coupling type series TENBEX ECO

SGF is introducing a new elastic coupling type series to expand the product range in the NonAutomotive area.

Elastic link assembles of the TENBEX ECO type combine the advantages of a special solution individually customised for the customer with the advantages of a standardised series product.

The modular construction of these couplings makes several adaptation and expansion options for the customer possible in a short time and covers torque ranges of 5,500 Nm up to 400,000 Nm.

The design of steel flanges and screw connections is standardised, while adaptations to customer desires are possible at any time.

Apart from this, the TENBEX ECO also provides several options with respect to coupling characteristics. Since SGF has a wide spectrum of lug elements available, typical coupling parameters such as nominal torque, rigidity or maximum permissible displacement can be adjusted to customer requirements without any problem.

You will find additional information about the TENBEX-ECO in our Download area at Product flyer TENBEX-ECO or contact us at!

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