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October 2013

SGF-TENBEX heavy-duty couplings for a Power Plant in Nairobi

SGF TENBEX heavy-duty couplings and the SGF SERVICE comes in the Power Plant of Thika, Nairobi, Kenya to action. Our customer MAN, knows and appreciates the benefits of our high power density - small space at a comparatively low weight -  the TENBEX 400-2.

Each one of these flexible link- couplings, has its place in a GenSet-configuration between a 18-cylinder diesel engine and a 19 MW generator. The Thika power plant supplies primarily the capital Nairobi with electricity. Also in this case the "light" and refined handling of our coupling has paid off by a not inconsiderable time saving during installation for the customer.

Our film team accompanied the SGF development engineers on their trip to Kenya.


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