Procurement focus

We apply the highest of standards to our products. We expect the same with respect to the raw materials we use. Quality and cost efficiency are our top priorities.

Given our core expertise, our procurement is focused on the following areas:

»Technical Rubber Compounds (NR, NBR, SBR, EPDM, VMQ)
»Precision Steel Pipes (DIN EN 10305-2, DIN EN 10305-1)


In addition, we also have need of various customized parts that often must meet complex specifications.

Our purchasing scope comprises the following production technologies:

»Turned parts for the automotive sector: to approx. Ø 200mm
»Large turned parts for industrial applications: to approx. Ø 3.200mm
»Cold-forged parts
»Punched and thermo-formed parts
»Plastic injection molded parts
»Castings (gray cast iron and spheroidal graphite iron, aluminum die casting)
»Forged metal parts (die forged and open die forged)
»Welded assemblies (MIG/MAG, laser/projection/resistance welding)
»Galvanic coating (e.g. ZnNi, phosphating, Zn, ZnFe)