Because of the high flexibility of SGF flexible discs, flexible disc couplings are also frequently used in machinery and plant construction. Depending on requirements, SGF flexible disc couplings can be deployed with or without cardan shafts, as individual components or in serial or parallel arrangements. The composition of SGF flexible couplings as a cord-reinforced structure guarantees the best durability and lifetime properties. If the performance of a standard SGF flexible disc is still not sufficient in the case of extremely adversely stressed drives, a special construction from our POWER-LINE programme can also be used. SGF supplies link couplings in various sizes for large drives. Besides flexible disc and link couplings, special coupling solutions are also available e.g. for compensating very large radial misalignments (Y coupling).

»Compensation of radial, axial and angular misalignment

»Damping of torque peaks

»Excellent durability

»Screwed or inserted flange connection possible